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Specialty Pasta

Specialty Foods

At Tacoma Boys and H&L Produce our specialty food selection is where we really shine! Whether you’re a gourmet chef or not, we carry items to make your next meal unique and absolutely delightful. From unique local products to astounding imports, these are the high quality items you won't find on big box store store shelves.

Here's just a small sampling of what you can find when you shop with us:

  • Meat and Seafood rubs galore. No more boring main dishes! New to our shelves is our head butcher Brandon’s (he can cook!) special blend of spices that will make your steak mouthwatering delicious! A must have.
  • Literally hundreds of olive oils and infused vinegars. Cook with, drizzle over salads or use to dip your favorite bread into. Organics too. The choices are almost endless. One of our favorites: Kolymvari extra virgin olive oil from Greece. The Mihelakis Family exclusive – oh so flavorful.
  • Tuna Guys of Gig Harbor troll caught canned tuna. Always from US waters and 100% dolphin safe. Customers come miles for it!
  • Hawaiian red sea salt. A great finishing salt. Sprinkle over shortbread cookies before you bake - yum!
  • Imported Italian pastas. The colors! The styles! So beautiful and delicious.

Olive Oil
  • Honeys from our local beekeeper, John, owner of Spring Valley Honey. The type of flower the bee makes honey from gives each variety a distinct flavor.
  • Biff’s famous BBQ sauce. You’ll often find Biff himself handing out samples of his BBQ sauce at the Puyallup market. It’s great stuff!

Ok, we can’t begin to list everything, so come visit us and explore our huge selection!