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Meats, Poultry and Deli

Can you remember the last time you cut deep into a rich, delicious, mouth-watering steak, or awoke to the smell of fresh sizzling bacon? A visit to our all-natural meat case will refresh those memories. Our expert in-house butchers are constantly working to provide you with a new pleasurable meal, and the next unforgettable bite.

Choose from cowboy steaks, free range chicken, stuffed pork chops and so much more. Check out our fine deli meats and custom sausages. And remember, you’ll never find our meats under plastic on styrofoam plates. You’ll choose right from the case and get your selection hand wrapped, just like the old fashioned butcher shops of days past.

Deli Bacon, Salami & Turkey

Delicious and Healthy Meals on a Budget

EVERYDAY low price of ONLY $1.99 lb!!
Frozen boneless skinless chicken breast in five pound bags. All natural, no hormones or antibiotics.

Chicken Breasts